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The game turned! Now you must run away to not be captured while trying to gather 5 pokemaster to defeat pikachu. Pikachu was cursed by an unknown entity, he wants to capture and consume human souls, each time he consumes, he gets bigger and more evil too 馃槺. Only you can stop him!

O jogo virou! Agora voc锚 deve fugir para n茫o ser capturado enquanto tenta reunir 5 pokemaster para derrotar o pikachu. O pikachu foi almadi莽oado por um  entidade desconhecida, ele quer capturar e consumir almas dos humanos, cada vez que ele consome, maior fica e mais maligno tamb茅m 馃槺. S贸 voc锚 pode impedi-l贸!

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tags3D, Horror, pikachu, Short, Singleplayer


Windows.zip 44 MB
Linux.zip 45 MB


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Hi, I saw the YouTuber Doflanico playing this game and I agree with him, it's really cool but also really short

Unluckly, im not an expert so I don't really know how to code or anything but I have some ideas to make your game better

1:Make some chapters


Chapter 1: When Pikachu got cursed 

Here, Sacha could try to find an evolution stone but it got cursed by an unknow demon or something

(I don't have ideas for the others chapters) 

2:Make customs character


You could make customs clothes or just make random presets that we, players could use


You could make some achivements so we can custom the Pikachu or even choose our own pokemon bc maybe some hate Pikachu (I don't hate Pikachu) 

4:Different endings

You could make an ending where we die to Pikachu and someone else see the corpse and tell the police to find who did it but the police don't find any proof and then leave

5:Different maps

Bc a black labyrinth is not really scary and it's not really original (for me) 

So you could put some blood or things like that to decorate the labyrinth


Pikachu could put some traps like things who make noises so the Pikachu notice the sound and goes on the trap


Bc if you add traps, that will be a lot harder for the player and that will be a lot unfair

So you could put +1 life  (watch my next suggestion) or something like that

8:limited lifes

Bc if we continue to spam our spacebar, it will explode like a Creeper(Ik, im not funny) 

And that all, you can do it if you want to, youre not obligated to do all of it (Or just doing it) , it's just suggestions

Bye and thanks if you read untill here ^^


Nice game but short !

Super Cool but way too short! 3/5

Had a lot of fun playing this game. Played it through a couple of times after making the video.

Thank you very much 鈾ワ笍. I wish your voice gets better

Thank you.

Had a lot of fun playing this game, love a good game that brings back some nostalgia. Nice work can't wait for the next one.

Thank you so much 鈾ワ笍, another incentive to keep creating games

love it thank you :):):):)

thank you so much 鈾ワ笍, your videos are so much fun

This game was truly enjoyable and so much fun. I'll be on the lookout for what you do next.

Thank you very much!  I am very grateful for the encouragement you all are giving me.  I wish all the success in the world to each of you.

I legitimately enjoyed my time on this game and it shows!  lol Can't wait to see more in the future!  

Thank you very much.  It encourages me to keep creating games.  I wish you success and happiness, God bless you

So cute game! He is saying Pikachu forever!

I loved your video, thank you very much!

bueno game.

Thanks for playing.  I am very grateful 鈽猴笍鈾ワ笍.  I'm glad you enjoyed the experience

I got a kick out of this!

thank you very much, I loved your video